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PMD Second Chance - Chr 5
{~Neo's POV~}
I felt something furry brush past me. I think it was a pokemon's tail. However, I was still in total darkness. So what the hell was going on...?
The tail brushed past me again and my blood froze as I was overcome with a wash of realisation. I actually felt that. My sense of touch was back. I felt like squealing in happiness, but the darkness held me back. Was it safe? I didn't move. I was too scared to. The darkness was suffocating. I needed to find Faye and the others, but I didn't want to make any noises or sudden movements. Besides, only I got dragged through that dimensional hole. I was alone. Apart from the pokemon that brushed past me.
I sat in the dark for what felt like hours. My eyes were ajusting to the darkness, but I was still terrified. I squealed in terror when a tree branch burst into flames. I heard two other pokemon squeal, too. With a sigh of relief, I noticed Blaze picking up the burning object. Smart thinking. I walked over to her slowly, seeing
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Why you never ask me 'what's up'
[1:44:16 PM] Flare from America: ohh lD
[1:46:22 PM] Flare from America: so ahh wats up?
[1:46:28 PM] Soulcakes: THE CEILING
[1:46:31 PM] Soulcakes: THE SKY
[1:46:32 PM] Soulcakes: THE CLOUDS
[1:46:34 PM] Flare from America: SLAPS U
[1:46:34 PM] Soulcakes: THE SUN
[1:46:37 PM] Soulcakes: SPACE
[1:46:40 PM] Flare from America: SHOOTS
[1:46:40 PM] Soulcakes: STARS
[1:46:43 PM] Soulcakes: OTHER PLANETSSS
[1:46:44 PM] Soulcakes: lDD
[1:46:51 PM] Soulcakes: Okay I'm done
[1:46:59 PM] Flare from America: ...SHOOTS AGAIN
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Should I...
Finish Nymeria's Quest?
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Basic Group Information Rules~!
How to Join~
Our process is a bit different than most groups but we do our best to be sure it is as easy as can be for you! =D
What you do FIRST ::
 Membership is required to submit to our gallery but not required to adopt. Anyone is able to just watch. ;)
 If you want to join us please head on over to this blog ---> Please Authenticate your Account! Doing this step without us having to ask you helps your request complete faster.
 Before trying to submit, please do us a favor and read over this blog thoroughly because when you know what we want and do not allow it makes things much easier for e
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Now I am scared of a Nursery Rhyme...
[9:36:28 PM] Soulcakes: Ring-a-round a rosie,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down
[9:36:49 PM] Flare from America: its a song about dying ;n;
[9:37:25 PM] Soulcakes: nuh uh
[9:37:30 PM] Soulcakes: it's a nursery rhyme :U
[9:37:45 PM] Flare from America: a nursery rhyme about dying
[9:37:56 PM] Soulcakes: e_e
[9:39:00 PM] Flare from America: its truee
[9:39:22 PM] Soulcakes: nuh uh
[9:39:57 PM] Flare from America: rosies and posies - flowers at funerals
[9:40:08 PM] Flare from America: ashes - when you burn the person's body and keep the ashes
[9:40:16 PM] Flare from America: we all fall down - everyone dies
Flare from America - flaries
Soulcakes - SoulTheZorua*aka Me*
:iconsoulthezorua:SoulTheZorua 2 18


I'm gonna try and get back into the adoptable business! ^^

Just so you know, no, I won't be continuing that batch of egg adopts. As far as I know, the prepaid adopts have already been refunded, and if not, they were already made and paid for.

In about a week from now, I'll be taking them down. I may try again in the future, but I'll make them mystery eggs instead, and they'll be premade, apart from the customs. I'll also be doing less eggs per species, I might even only do one per species and just do more species. :shrug:

I'll also be adding a strict no prepayments rule. That way, if for some reason I can't make the adopt, nobody is ripped off. I don't want a repeat of last time, even though I'm sure everyone was refunded, I still worry. This way is much easier for everybody.

I also want to hear your ideas for adoptables! Request customs, and I'll make a whole batch of them! I'll send them in a note, you get first pick, and then the rest will be open to everybody. And the amount you offer will result in a different quality of adopts/the amount made/allowed for you to pick. Again, no prepayments.

So... Let's try and bring this account back to life! Cya soon, guys! ^^


United Kingdom
Main account - :iconmadnessofmana:MadnessOfMana
Alternate Account - :iconao-ora:Ao-Ora
Adopts Account - You are here

I'll be doing pokemon adopts, ranging from 5-20 points, customs depend. If you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted something else rather than pokemon you could ask, even though I'm not even sure if people will have even bothered to come here.



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Pay for customs and adoptables here, or just be generous! :dalove:

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